A collection of ads that spark inspiration or maybe a little chuckle.

(With some memes thrown in)



“What is the internet?” Seems silly now.

Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel’s BMW Super Bowl Ad

Of course Buzzfeed’s first commercial is about cats.

Buzzfeed’s Super Bowl Commercial (about cats, obviously)


When your CD compliments you

On the outside:

ron moved Laugh

On the inside:

awesome Laugh




Office Attire

Normal Day:

zack Laugh

Client in the office day:

too much fashion Laugh



Client: “Make it POP!”

yeah ok Laugh

XAxaV Laugh



Meetings with food:

yum Laugh


After client revisions:

I give up Laugh




Client sendsĀ free samples:

s5highfiveangels Laugh


When everyone likes your idea:

bliss1 Laugh



When you’re the favorite intern:

puddinpops Laugh