Definition of Heather Peterson:

(person/writer/class clown/snowboarder)

Life is made up of defining moments.

My latest defining moment to date:

Moving to Boston. 

Let’s back track just a little in order to understand how this came to be, we’ll need to string together some other recent defining moments. After I graduated from CSUF with a degree in Communications- Advertising, I took advantage of a new opportunity to freelance. As a freshly graduated writer, I started freelancing which seamlessly led to my biggest defining moment as of late. Pairing with my incorrigible urge to see as much of this beautiful world as possible, an epiphany struck. If I could work from home as this kickass new writer why not work from home in an entirely new place? Within weeks of this realization I packed my things and Moved cross country to Boston, a magical place where I knew absolutely no one.

“When a defining moment comes along, you can do one of two things: Define the moment, or let the moment define you.”

As a Bostonian (of only a year) I have never been happier.


Heather Peterson used in a sentence:

I want to hire Heather Peterson.